Welcome to the Montana Mindfulness Project

Montana Mindfulness Project (MMP) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that serves youth and young adults to grow a kinder world.

Montana Mindfulness Project What We Do

Born out of deep caring for the youth and young adults who call Montana home, MMP’s founders established this organization to bring and resilience through mindfulness training. We offer mindfulness courses through classes, workshops, and other programming in schools and the broader community.

Our core values of respect, responsibility, inquiry and connection are our guideposts as we provide our services within the Gallatin Valley and beyond.

Why mindfulness?

The past few years have brought to light an unprecedented amount of stress and anxiety in youth and young adults, showing significant impacts on both academic and social/emotional learningStudies find that learning mindfulness benefits students in terms of improved attention, emotion regulation, behavior in school, empathy and understanding of others, social skills, test anxiety, and stress. Mindfulness helps students learn to take a pause when they feel upset or overwhelmed, during which thoughtful responses can replace impulsive reactions.

Get Involved with MMP

The Montana Mindfulness Project offers mindfulness teaching
through classes, workshops, and programming in schools and the broader
community. To learn more about how the Montana Mindfulness Project might be of service to you or your organization, contact us!