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Our Mindfulness for Young Adults programs help young adults learn how to manage stress and develop the wisdom needed to guide important life decisions. We use the Koru Mindfulness curriculum, designed to be both approachable and practical for the busy 18 to 29-year-old.

College students and young adults have more choices today than ever before, causing toxic amounts of stress evidenced by alarming anxiety, depression and suicide rates. The ability to calm mental chatter can be a crucial skill to combat these stressors. Koru Mindfulness students are less stressed, sleep better and live with greater mindfulness and self-compassion.

The Center for Koru Mindfulness developed this evidence-based curriculum using extensive research by Duke University psychiatrists Holly Rogers, MD, & Margaret Maytan, MD.

Taking the Koru course includes lifetime access to the companion app.

Goals of the course include:

  • Improvements in quality of sleep
  • Skills for managing anxiety
  • Less stress
  • Improved focus
  • Emotional regulation
  • Resilience
Upcoming Offerings 

Half-Day Retreat on Friday, April 12 in Bozeman. $20 or sliding scale options available. Registration opens soon!


Contact MMP to discuss program pricing, which is flexible depending on budget.

Age Range

Young adults, ages 18-29

Fall Half-Day Mindfulness Retreat

Friday, April 12 at the Emergence Movement Studio

Back by popular demand! Facilitated by seasoned Montana Mindfulness Project teacher Danielle Nicholas, this 3-hour retreat offers a low-key, beginner friendly introduction to mindfulness and experience longer periods of silence. Sitting periods will be alternated with movement practices. First-time or repeat attendees are welcome!

Registration Opens Soon!

What does a typical lesson look like?

Our 4-week sessions are delivered once per week for 75 minutes, and are usually implemented into a college or university environment. These courses introduce various mindfulness practices, which participants to “taste and see” for themselves what works for them. Homework between classes is usually 10 minutes of mindfulness practice per day using the Koru app.

We also offer two 3-hour Koru retreats each year, in the spring and fall. These retreats are beginner-friendly introductions to mindfulness, and include extended periods of silence. Sitting periods will be alternated with movement practices.

What To Expect

  • Regular check-ins with Koru teacher
  • Lifetime access to the Koru App 
  • Ongoing communication available with MMP Teacher for support

I learned that you can use mindfulness anytime you need it like when I get mad and it calms me down and when I go to bed and think about stuff in the day.

AnonymousMSU Student

This was my first silent retreat and it was great!

AnonymousMSU Student

I think I will pay more attention to eating. Food is important and I want to show more appreciation/mindfulness with each bite.

AnonymousMSU Student

I'll try to rely more on the grounding I gained to help calm me instead of less healthy tactics.

AnonymousMSU Student

I am a young adult and would like to participate in a mindfulness course.

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I am an educator and would like to bring a mindfulness course or retreat to my students.