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Our Mindfulness in Schools Program offers K-12 students a chance to cultivate mindful awareness through inquiry and exploration.  We use a trauma-informed curriculum supported by scientific research, developed by Mindful Schools–a leader in nationwide mindfulness education.

Throughout the span of 20 to 24 weeks, preschool and K-12 students learn mindful practices and tools to add to their Mindful Toolbox–a resource they can carry with them wherever they go. And the good news is, there is no expiration date; these tools last a lifetime. 

Each weekly lesson is 20-30 minutes. Lessons are taught once per week and implemented into the classroom’s pre-existing schedule through coordination with the school’s administration and individual teachers.

Goals of the course include:

  • Help students make connections about how to use mindfulness throughout their day

  • Support students in their capacity for self-awareness and self-regulation

  • Provide time for direct experience with mindfulness through formal practice

  • Create a safe environment for students to share and explore their inner experiences

Course Duration

1 lesson per week for 20-24 weeks


Contact MMP to discuss program pricing, which is flexible depending on budget

Age Range

Preschool and K-12

Interested in bringing mindfulness to your school or district?

If you are an administrator, teacher or parent interested in incorporating mindfulness at your school, our staff will discuss how we can best integrate MMP courses into your pre-existing classroom schedule.

What is included in the 20-Week Mindfulness in Schools program?

  • 20-30 minute age-appropriate mindfulness lessons taught in the classroom each week 
  • Introductory meeting with school Principal and teachers
    • 45-minute presentation and Q&A about mindfulness, program goals, expectations and how to collaborate
  • Informational meeting with parents – Zoom available
    • After-school Q&A session with MMP Teachers, where parents can learn about the MMP curriculum and what to expect
    • Parents are invited to attend a classroom mindfulness lesson
  • Middle and end-of-program meetings: 30-45 minute meetings with faculty to answer questions and evaluate progress
  • Student workbooks: One mindfulness workbook per student
  • Ongoing communication with MMP Teacher for support
  • Access to post-course survey results for each classroom

What does a lesson look like?

Each week, students are introduced to a new mindful practice. At the end of our program, students have a variety of mindful tools in their Mindful Toolbox, which they can apply in school and daily life.

Each lesson follows the same sequence:

  • Opening practice
  • Check-ins and Share-outs
  • Inquiry and discussion
  • Guided practice and exploration
  • Practice debrief
  • Closing practice
During the 2021-2022 school year...




Elementary students reached in the schools during the 2021-2022 school year


MMP elementary schoolers who said "Mindfulness has helped me in my life."


MMP elementary schoolers who answered "More youth should learn mindfulness."


Teachers who said they "personally benefited from mindfulness sessions."

I learned that you can use mindfulness anytime you need it like when I get mad and it calms me down and when I go to bed and think about stuff in the day.

3rd Grader

Mindfulness has helped me focus better at my soccer games.

2nd Grader

When I am really sad, I take what I learned about mindful breathing and calm myself down. Then I feel better.

Jane4th Grader

I have learned how to calm down and really dial in and focus on tests and just realize and appreciate and think. On a test I got kind of stressed out but then I remembered to be calm and just take a break and take some deep breaths. At my old school in Indiana we did not learn mindfulness but it is cool that I get to learn it here.

Jane3rd Grade Student

Mindfulness sessions have been a huge asset to my classroom and the school. Even when the students don't realize it they are practicing strategies that Miss Sara has helped teach and demonstrate to them. As a teacher I have benefited gratefully from the sessions to help reset and focus myself.

Morning Star Teacher