About the Mindfulness Project Our Team

The Montana Mindfulness Project intention is to improve the health and wellbeing of Montanans. This group of passionate folks is committed to advancing the MMP goals.

Co-Founder + President Margaret Kachadurian

Margaret is a licensed clinical social worker with a background in psychology, health and spirituality. She specializes in teaching meditation and mindfulness offering the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8-week course and customizing training for caregivers, social service and healthcare providers, businesses, community groups and the public since 2010. Margaret's vision of vibrant, resilient people and communities is rooted in her own continual learning and mindfulness practice. Today's evidence-based scientific research is proving how ancient practices of meditation and living mindfully strengthen resilience and joy in living the good life. The MBSR course she teaches, which has been taught internationally for almost fifty years, has been the leader in public education in secular mindfulness because of its fidelity and rigor in gold-standard research. Neuroscientific findings have shown that mindfulness is a skill that can be learned, allowing us to face obstacles such as uncertainty and fear with courage as we learn how to trust our own basic goodness to live authentic beneficial lives. "May it be so" is Margaret's pledge and commitment to contribute to MMP's educational mission.

Communications & Administration Emily Hook

Empathy, adaptability and adventure are close to Emily’s heart. In helping found Bozeman’s BZN International Film Festival, Emily developed her commitment to fostering cultures of cooperation, diligence and imagination. Emily is currently leading web development projects for non-profits and startups, driven both by her knack for design & digital strategy and her passion to celebrate others’ stories. Emily has been a student of mindfulness since high school, where she learned that a strong connection to wilderness, and prioritizing solitude and reflection, are key components to living a life of gratitude and meaning.

Whether on skis, soccer cleats or bare feet, Emily loves to explore her natural environment — though digging into music & movies, doing crossword puzzles and playing board games will always bring her great joy.

Co-Founder + Mindfulness in Schools Instructor Sara Friedman

Sara has been an educator her entire professional life. She received a BA from University of Wisconsin, Madison and an M.A. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York City. Her experiential teaching experience includes working as an instructor for the Glacier Institute in Columbia Falls, Montana, Project U.S.E. in Redbank, New Jersey, and the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School in Newry, Maine. Sara’s classroom teaching experience includes schools in both the private and public sector: The Hole Montessori in Jackson, Wyoming, City and Country School, The Packer Collegiate Institute, Trevor Day School, and P.S. 41, all in New York. Since moving to Bozeman in 2016, Sara has received her Montana Educator License and has been working as a paraprofessional educator at Morning Star Elementary School, supporting literacy instruction and teaching Mindfulness to students grades 1 – 5. Sara loves the opportunity to offer Mindfulness training to students throughout the Bozeman School District. In addition, Sara is the mother of three children. Sara’s experience as a parent continues to offer the truest, most profound teachings, informing her work and vision as an educator.

Additional Teachers

Founding President | MBSR + Mindful Self-Compassion Instructor Sue Daniels

Dr. Daniels is a pediatrician and has been interested in mindfulness since she was a college student. In 2012, drawn by abundant medical research showing a wide variety of benefits to participants, she took the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. And after, she experienced many of those benefits herself. Around that time, she began to prescribe mindfulness practices to her pediatric patients and their parents to help with stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

In 2018, she took the Mindful Self-Compassion course and teacher training, again attracted by impressive research. This choice introduced her to others in Bozeman who had been teaching similar skills for many years and hoped to expand the opportunities to share mindfulness within the state. Unchanged: In 2018, she took the Mindful Self-Compassion course and teacher training, again attracted by impressive research. This choice introduced her to others in Bozeman who had been teaching similar skills for many years and hoped to expand the opportunities to share mindfulness within the state.

Dr. Daniels lends her enthusiasm for the teachings, as well as her business and organizational skills to help the mission of the Montana Mindfulness Project

Co-Founder | Mindful Self-Compassion Instructor Suzanne Colón

Suzanne has been exploring Mindfulness and other forms of meditation since 1988, with residential retreat experiences starting in 1992. She has been particularly interested in how the tools of Mindfulness can support psychological and emotional healing in clinical therapy and the resolution of trauma. Since 2013, she has received professional training in Insight (Vipassana) Meditation practice, Buddhist psychology, the Mindful Self-Compassion Course and Somatic Experiencing. She is a co-founder of the Bozeman Dharma Center, leader of the local Insight Meditation Community and teaches the Mindful Self-Compassion course locally along with other teachers of the Montana Mindfulness Project.

Koru Instructor Danielle Nicholas

Danielle Nicholas is a mindfulness and meditation practitioner with over 20 years’ experience. She has a Master’s in Education with a focus on Secondary Science and an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies. This interdisciplinary background enables her to work with students from a deep understanding of both the science and practice of mindfulness. Her instruction inherently seeks to create an environment for critical thought and reflection. Danielle has been non-tenure track faculty with MSU for over 6 years (and a professional educator for two decades) and has a proven record of student engagement. Her classes and teachings aim to create a community of student wellness. Danielle is a certified Koru Mindfulness teacher and registered yoga teacher. She has called Bozeman home since 2000. With daughter and Aussie dog in tow, Danielle can frequently be found rambling around the wild spaces of SW Montana.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor Patsy Murphy

Patsy is a licensed educator and certified mindfulness meditation facilitator and yoga instructor. For 25 years, Patsy has been facilitating Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction courses, Lessons in Mindfulness, and teaching yoga. She has worked with groups in workshops, presentations, and day long and multi-day retreats for schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, community-based groups, colleges and universities. She has mentored individual as they pursue their own meditation practice and/or their professional meditation and yoga credentials.

Patsy believes that meditation and yoga offer healing to us as individuals, to our wider community, and, in fact, to the wider world.

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