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The Montana Mindfulness Project is a love letter to the people of Montana. Born out of deep caring for the adults, teens, and kids who call Montana home, the founders established this non-profit to bring comfort through mindfulness training. We work to disseminate mindfulness teaching through classes, workshops, and other programming in schools and the broader community.

The birth of the Montana Mindfulness Project was true synchronicity – a seeming coincidence of people coming together at a certain point in time.

On a sunny, spring day in 2018, Bozeman’s lively, caring and collaborative-minded community brought together new and established residents all sharing a passion for teaching meditation and mindfulness in their professional work. Collectively in the room were decades of teaching experience in healthcare, education – from pre-school to university, and therapeutic settings. On offer was a willingness to collaborate to fuel building connections with physical and mental health providers, schools, and agencies working for human betterment to make mindfulness education
very accessible.

Since obtaining not-for-profit status in mid-2019, a small but mighty board was formed from this initial group to guide the first steps of making MMP a recognized umbrella organization for individuals and groups in search of what contemplative neuroscience now offers: skills to train our minds in calm stability, to adopt a moral rudder of compassion and act to better the world. The board forged a two-year strategic plan in 2019 giving MMP a road map to expand available education and begin new offerings via its 4 Pillars: Pillar 1: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindful Self-Compassion 8-week courses, Pillar 2: Mindfulness in the Schools, Pillar 3: Mindfulness at Work and Pillar 4: Mindful Communities.

Montana Mindfulness Project is a professional organization committed to providing the best quality teaching that replicates research-proven interventions with a high degree of fidelity to assure best outcomes for participants. Our core values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY AND RESILIENCY serve as guideposts as we develop, grow and expand. Foremost, respecting all learners and all who teach and all who contribute time and other resources. MMP takes responsibility for the integrity of the teaching, pledging a culture of service to others, and for careful stewardship. A goal of cultivating mutual resiliency within participants and within the programs will assure MMP’s sustainability to the people and communities it serves.

In recognizing the spontaneity of Montana Mindfulness Project’s origin, we who have contributed to forming that dynamic energy which continues to pulsate in the community, also continue to have faith in synchronicity – that people will continue to come forward who have heartfelt intentions to cultivate mindfulness in themselves and spread mindfulness in community. MMP’s potential to forge a mindful path forward is rooted in the belief that “we are the people we have been waiting for” as our tent is wide and deep.

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The Montana Mindfulness Project works to disseminate mindfulness teaching
through classes, workshops, and other programming in schools and the broader
community. Reach out to learn more about how the Montana Mindfulness Project might be of service to you, your organization or your business.

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