About the Montana Mindfulness Project Our Mission

MMP Mission

Montana Mindfulness Project is a secular organization dedicated to teaching mindfulness practices to Montanans of all ages and backgrounds.

Our core values of respect, responsibility and resiliency are our guideposts as we provide our services within the Gallatin Valley and beyond.

MMP Core Values

  • Respect for all participants, all who teach, and all who contribute time or other resources.
  • Responsibility for the integrity of the teaching, for a culture of service to others, and for careful stewardship.
  • Resiliency cultivated within participants, and within the program to assure it is a sustainable resource to the communities it serves.

MMP Story

Montana Mindfulness Project is a love letter to the people of Montana. Born out of deep caring for the adults, teens, and kids who call Montana home, the founders established this non-profit to bring comfort through mindfulness training. Research shows these practices effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and increase one’s sense of wellbeing and happiness.

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The Montana Mindfulness Project offers mindfulness teaching
through classes, workshops, and programming in schools and the broader
community. To learn more about how the Montana Mindfulness Project might be of service to you, your organization or business, contact us!

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